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What is Eisenhower Matrisi ?

Research shows that an individual in his 20s takes 25 thousand decisions in just one day. If we think that most of these are the decisions we make in our business life, wrong decisions can prepare the end of our career or the right decisions can lead us to the top of our success. So is there a formula for being successful in business and making the right decision?

While we do not remember some of these 25 thousand decisions taken in our daily lives, some of them may have consequences that will never come to our minds. Therefore, if we evaluate in terms of the results of the decisions we make, this time we encounter different burdens. Therefore, we force ourselves to make our decisions in a way that creates positive results. And that’s pretty hard for all of us.

We often have to make decisions, especially in business. When we think that time is very limited and things never end, it becomes more difficult to understand which issue is more important than the other. We realize that we do not have time for issues that we consider more important than to deal with unimportant issues.

Fortunately, there is Eisenhower, which recognizes this before all of us and allows us to make a priority order by separating important and unimportant issues from one another.

“What matters is rarely emergency. Urgent ones are rarely important.

– Dwight D. Eisenhower, ABD 34. President

Thanks to General Eisenhower’s Mat Decision-Making Matrix ı, the legendary president of the United States, we can understand more clearly which tasks are more important and which are less important, and make time decisions accordingly.

Eisenhower says that the most important issue that forces us to make decisions is the degree of Urgency and Importance. In our daily life, it is determined that many issues are urgent, but very few of them are important for the moment, but very few of them can cause urgency because important issues are constantly in our minds. To understand this, it creates a matrix that we can all easily implement.

So how does this method that both regulates our time management and makes it easier for us to make decisions in our business life? Former President of the United States Dwigt D. Eisenhower divided a cooardinate system into 4 parts and made it possible for each piece to explain what work to do.

1.Emergency and Important (Moments of Crisis) – Do it Now

Particularly important moments of crisis are a good example. Unfortunately, in this case, you must act immediately and put aside all your other work.

2.Important – Not Urgent – Plan

Planning long-term issues that are important but not very urgent will prevent the emergence of emergencies after a while. In such cases, make your plan immediately, or we may enter the jobs we think urgent 🙂

3.Emergency – Trivial – Transfer Work to someone else

If there’s anyone else who can do this, you should hand it over. In general, 75 percent of the jobs that knock on our doorstep every day and exhaust us are those that seem to be urgent but are insignificant. Of course, knowing the transfer of business executives in Turkey, also of the work done can not make it feel as if it is handed over; it does not share this kind of business deal with until the evening.

4.Non-urgent – Not important – Cancel or Postpone

Needless to say, but this kind of work is a bit like this. The bad thing here is that he likes to do some of these things, and that’s the first thing we start in the day because we love it. Then why do I eat a brush 🙂 We should never do this kind of work or postpone it to a suitable time.

If we think that we are all competing over time in business, it is possible to put the jobs that will never end and to overcome them. We can use the Eisenhower matrix to make time management right, and make more accurate decisions, enabling us to advance faster in both business and prospective initiatives.

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