Time management techniques

Why the topic of time management at all? Each person has 24 hours a day per day. So everyone has the same amount of time in theory.

In this article you will get answers to the following questions:

  • What is time management techniques?
  • What speaks for time management?
  • What is part of time management?
  • What is the Eisenhower principle?
  • How do you learn time management?
  • What are individual solutions for me?
  • What are the goals of Time Management Coaching?
  • How do you increase performance and effectiveness?

Subjectively, however, each person feels the time available differently. One is enough to do everything, another has time to spare, and another complains that he never has enough time to do his job.

On the other hand, every human being has a different bio-rhythm. Some are active in the morning. Others take a little longer to get going. The productivity high can be early in the morning, or in the middle of the night. With humans there are just clear differences of the time management.

However, one hears very often these days the complaint, the time is not enough. The stress is too big and life is generally too fast. Many things can not be achieved due to other priorities. So when do you do all your tasks and what is the best time planning? It is precisely this important planning of one’s own work that should be followed.

And this is where the time management comes in. It contains principles and methods. Properly used it helps to cope with the many demands of the working life and the aspects of the private life without stress. And that, without us the tasks over the head to grow. Thus, time management helps in work, family and studies. Good time management accompanies us for a lifetime.

A well-regulated day not only leads to less stress but also allows a higher sense of achievement. The better you get an overview of your tasks, the more accurate the scheduling will work in the end. The tasks should be spread over the day so that you can do them more easily one after the other.

In this article, we have compiled the most important aspects about time management for you. Of course, with special consideration of our core topics:

  • Marketing Consulting
  • customer acquisition
  • customer growth

What speaks for time management?

Good target planning and time management, which includes sophisticated and proven work techniques, increases your performance. Time management reduces the pressure to perform, increases productivity and ultimately your success. Let’s take a closer look at the time management.

Time management as an important tool in everyday working life and in marketing for new customer acquisitionIf you use the principles and methods of time management, you benefit from the following advantages:

  • better overview of tasks to be done,
  • clear priorities,
  • greater scope for creativity,
  • Stress reduction and stress avoidance,
  • more freetime.

Especially for an advertising agency or marketing consulting agency, as we are, time management is important. Finally, in terms of time management, creating greater freedom for creativity is crucial. Only those who have their mind free can be creative and create good marketing and advertising. Well-defined scheduling is gaining more and more importance for people.

With the help of time planning, people put their activities together. It is important that you distribute the tasks throughout the day and plan exactly when you want to do what activities. You should not ask yourself one after the other tasks / activities spontaneously. For a precisely planned structure of time management, the planning must cover the entire day. Only this leads to a good overview of your tasks / activities.

For example, in the context of an application, candidates are often tested today. This is done to see if they are capable of good time management. Frequently, larger companies even regularly hold a seminar or coaching on the topic of time management per year with eiungeplant.

Even as a small business you should not neglect the topic of time management in any case. On the contrary, with yourself, but also when hiring new applicants, make sure that any relevant knowledge already exists.

What is part of time management?

If you want to plan your work according to an effective time management, you should start with systematic work preparation. Here it is important in time management, to achieve the best possible balance of workload and result and to make things not too perfect.

Time management as an important tool in everyday working life and in marketing when acquiring new customers. Determine best in advance which result you want to achieve by which means.

  • What quality should the final result have?
  • what effort do you need?
  • how much time?
  • Motivation?
  • Power?
  • Know-how?
  • So what do you have to invest?

For a good time planning these important points / questions are to be kept. Only those who get an exact overview knows when he has to complete which tasks or to use funds. This information is a requirement of good time management.

It is also important to evaluate the individual tasks. That way you can prioritize the really important activities. Only in this way can time management resources be optimally planned.

A well-known and popular method of prioritizing is the so-called Eisenhower principle:

Priority A – The task is important and urgent

  • there is an appointment behind it
  • the task is important for the future of the company
  • the task is important for your personal goals

Make all necessary resources and competences available in full to fulfill the task.

Priority B – The task is important, but not urgent

  • The task is important, but there is no date yet
  • You should schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Priority C – The task is urgent but not relevant to what is currently the most important activity

  • Tasks that should not be deferred, but are not that important (copying, answering e-mail, responding to calls, etc.)
  • If you work alone, you should try to complete such tasks en bloc. Otherwise, this work should be delegated (secretary, assistant, trainee, etc.)

No priority – The task is neither important nor urgent

  • A typical case for the trash.

Example from our daily work: Our agency is to redesign a landing page, with the aim of improving the acquisition of new customers. At a certain date, the first concept will be presented to the customer in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. The creation of the presentation is therefore a priority A, since there is a concrete date.

The commissioned advertising agency is to compile a list of freelancers as part of the project. Since no appointment has been set, it is a priority B.

How do you learn time management?

Although this may not seem very complicated at first glance, it has time management in it. This may be due to:

  • old habits,
  • Time traps and above all
  • the fact that some people have great difficulty prioritizing.

Especially when it comes to balance, work and family. These points mean that the successful implementation of time management often fails.

Time management as an important tool in everyday working life and in marketing when acquiring new customers

An excellent option for good luck is the coaching. The coaching helps to learn the principles and methods of time management and then successfully put them into practice.

In coaching, you can reflect on all those issues and aspects of your life that are usually neglected. On top of that, you can get valuable hands-on tips.

You will learn time management methodstechniques and tips to help you better manage your daily workload. You will also learn to achieve your personal and professional goals in this way.

The big advantage of coaching:

  • You can apply the practice directly afterwards
  • theoretical learning of methods in time management
  • Application to practical problems and specific situations

You will be able to successfully implement these points with the help of coaching. And with the assistance of an experienced professional.

The individually suitable solution for you

A good and experienced coach develops together with you an individually fitting solution, with which you can eliminate disturbing factors and plan your time better. Of course, he always gives many practical tips that make the process a lot easier.

Of course, the coaching can be done individually or in a seminar or workshop. A combination of both methods is conceivable and useful. A seminar has the advantage that it is usually cheaper. In addition, the participants can exchange ideas in a seminar and learn from each other. This is how questions and comments benefit all participants of a seminar. For many people, this is one of the best options for learning.

Knowledge does not mean to implement it

Incidentally, many people have often learned time management during their studies, but then forget about it in the hectic, stress-laden work routine.

Last but not least, you can of course also buy a good book or ebook and learn about it yourself. Incidentally, an ebook should always contain specific checklists and exercises, so that the subject can be brought closer not only theoretically, but in practice.

If you have more questions and would like more detailed answers in terms of time management methods, you can find in our article “time management methods”. Another very good tool in practice is the Success Planner, you can download it for free by clicking on our link.

Goals in time management coaching

Coaching in the areas of time management and self-management helps clients to put together an individually tailored combination of various successful working methods and tips.

Time management as an important tool in everyday working life and in marketing in the acquisition of new customers With this help concrete and current situation in work and private life can be easily mastered. Coaching helps you to critically analyze and improve your daily routine, to recognize and eliminate dreaded time thieves. To be able to plan appointments and tasks better and to optimize modern time management methods.

The Pareto principle in time management!

The Pareto principle can be applied to a variety of business sectors and has been confirmed many times since its discovery. In essence, it says that with very little effort (20%) a maximum return (80%) can be achieved. Or, conversely, that most of the effort (80%) is wasted on a very low yield (20%). Typical approaches for the Pareto principle are, for example:

  • time management
  • distribution
  • marketing

Of course, performance is required in companies. Physically, performance means nothing more than the ratio of work per time. If you do a lot of work in a short time, you will achieve a high performance, whereas a person who does little work in a long time will have a low performance.

In a so-called Pareto diagram, this can be represented very clearly. It represents in columns the effort that is used to achieve a desired result.

So you increase the performance and effectiveness

The performance can best be increased by e.g. a current project done in half the usual time. To be able to do this, one should first look for so-called “time thieves”. These are all those things that consume time, but are not necessarily necessary for the project.

Incidentally, you will also find a Speed Workshop in the download area for the Pareto Principle. Just click on the button and you will learn more about the Pareto principle and will also find the right FREE download.

Conclusion on the article time management

The best time management is extremely important for work and personal life. A professional coaching or a good seminar or ebook on the topic can help you to learn appropriate methods and apply immediately to the practice. In this way, you can reduce stress and be successful in the job.

Priorities are important to be able to work purposefully and thus efficiently. The download of the Pareto principle Speed Workshop and also the success planner will help you. You can find both free of charge in the Downloads section here on this page.

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