Time Management Skills

“Time is money” is a sentence used by Benjamin Franklin in an article titled ”Advice for the Young Man 17 in 1748. This may seem realistic, but the truth is that time is far more valuable than money, a valuable and limited resource. Recover, but wasted one second cannot be undone forever, the ability of time management that we all want to improve while struggling with daily time management.

The waste of time has cost us a lot of money in the long run, says an ancient Greek wisdom: “It’s the most expensive time.” Time management, on the other hand, allows us to balance the fruits of life correctly, reduce stress, enjoy time, do more, and more.

Plan goals, set goals, sort tasks, focus on one task at a time, avoid distractions, set deadlines, delegate tasks, avoid postponement, etc. Many tips for learning proven time management skills that will help us succeed. However, many of us will discover some secrets about time investment and how to manage it more effectively, despite attempts to set the time correctly.

Why can’t we manage time?

It is necessary to identify the reasons why we failed to manage time, to address it, and to acquire the skills to organize our time. The most common causes and errors of our time management failure are:

• Engaging instead of being productive, you’ll produce less in a longer time if you’re busy, but you’ll achieve more in less time if you decide you’ll be more productive than being busy.

• Chat, browse social networking sites, check emails, watch TV, and more. Such as to ensure that your negative habits rule and manage your time.

• Choose the worst time to get started, so you should choose the right time for you, whether you want to work more efficiently in the morning or someone who prefers to work after midnight, choose the right time to do your job A significant difference in the quantity, quality and nature of your achievements It creates.

• Neglecting the importance of not setting goals, scheduling, scheduling, setting or setting work dates, creates chaos and accumulates jobs, and stress is unique.

Time management skills: How do you manage your time more effectively?

Yatırım Investing and spending time wisely helps to achieve academic, professional and personal success, an urgent need to enjoy a better life in the long run, Ben says Benjamin Franklin: mus Do you love life, so do you waste life? ”With real efficiency Learn how to gain time management skills:

Respect Time

Very simple to order! However, unless you are aware of the importance of time management, you will not be able to acquire time management skills, and time can be used by employees, entrepreneurs, students, etc. It is important that you do not show great respect for time and others. Success, respect for time, even individuals, institutions or nations.

 Japan’s railway service is among the most efficient in the world. In addition, for the pursuit of punctuality and respect for time, Japan’s honorable company praised Tsukuba Express, which has 130 million passengers a year between Akihabara in Tokyo and Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture. 45 minutes, 20 seconds before the official 2017 to apologize for leaving the train! Before mid-May 2018, Japan’s JR-West apologized to customers for leaving the train early in 25 seconds! The company said the employees would receive additional training, so the mistake will not be repeated, which encouraged positive feedback on respect for time, dozens of international newspapers and millions of users through social networks to address this discipline. And I compared them with other rail services in other countries.

Your respect for time shows how serious and disciplined you are, gives you good impressions of others and gives them respect and trust. It gives you great efficiency in managing time, so you can’t expect to succeed in time management unless you respect time.

Run, not your time

Söyleme Don’t tell me you don’t have enough time, you have the same time as Helen Keller, Pastor, Michael Angelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein. ”

 Chat, play games, surf the Internet and so on. If you’re wasting your time between complaining about time constraints, don’t think about how to manage the problem, unless you’re thinking about how to manage yourself and your business 24 hours a day. Everyone’s time is the same, but some people can do more in 24 hours than others, which gives them more opportunities to achieve their goals and achieve their planned goals, if you can’t manage your life, they’re not expected to manage others, Business or household head.

Many advocate this philosophy of time management, emphasizing that the secret is managing ourselves perfectly. Yönetmek It’s impossible to manage time, Steph says Stephen Wright, 24 24 hours a day, 60 minutes per hour, 60 seconds per minute, no You can slow them down or speed them up.)

If you can’t manage yourself, you’ll discover that you’re behind in vain, managing yourself, spending your time right, taking advantage of your skills as much as possible, and gaining the habits you need to succeed. Be aware of the importance of time management for you, increase your behavior and eliminate negativity, focus on your strengths, and heal your weaknesses to develop a better way to manage your time and life.

Self-management is also about knowing your abilities and what you can do, knowing what you can’t do to convince others to do it, and knowing what your goals and goals are. What do you want to be? What plans do you have to achieve your goals? How long have you set this up? How determined you are and how serious you are at the summit of your ability to solve challenges and the success of obstacles.

Case law of priorities

Ordering one of the priority Time management effectively prioritizes “within the law, as it has several first tasks, taking care of the most important elements known priorities, does not provide the right to delay everything or put forward for him: as no matter to delay or belittle a big item the little matter. “

Although priorities can serve as a template for the formation of all of our priorities in life, however, the law of priorities is an Islamic term used to distinguish between actions and worship. Your priorities are the foundation and criteria that control your time that will ensure success in your life.

When it is not a priority you will not have the chance to invest some time and priorities of your priorities most important time to keep your priorities as simple as possible and write priorities and make sure that you will know how to deal with your priorities, and will keep busy instead of Taku product who seek help.

Managing priorities is an invaluable skill and important in time management Some people see time management as the art of managing priorities, and there are many models that help to manage priorities effectively.

1.    Eisenhower Priority Management Matrix

This is quoted from a speech by American President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1954: se The more important the element, the less likely it is to be urgent and the less urgent the element is. ”Eisenhower developed a framework for prioritization. The management of personal time and functions, called the “Eisenhower Matrix”, divided priorities into four categories: urgent and urgent, a business urgent, not important and urgent, important and non-urgent, and deals with four categories of the following section:

1. Immediate critical substances are handled immediately.

2. Time is planned to achieve non-urgent task issues.

3. Others are assigned to address important non-urgent matters.

4. Non-important, non-urgent issues are canceled.

Here you can download a printable form of the Eisenhower Matrix to manage priorities.

2.    Sorting technique

The technique was developed by the French army during the First World War, when the changing centers of wounded soldiers were placed in the backyard, doctors and nurses were able to treat them, and the number of soldiers exceeded the ability of doctors and nurses to provide. Appropriate treatment for everyone in record time allows the maximum number of soldiers to be rescued, the problem is solved by dividing the wounded into three groups:

The first group consists of soldiers who are set aside to die in peace, no matter how much they treat them.

The second group consisted only of soldiers who had minor wounds and survived whether or not they were immediately treated and left to wait for the final group to be completed.

The third group consisted of soldiers who could not survive without being treated immediately. This group was focused on doctors and nurses and began to treat them.

To manage your time perfectly, you can divide your priorities into the French soldiers doctors’ division:

• Tasks that can be canceled without damaging.

• Tasks can be postponed after the most important one.

• Tasks should be carried out immediately and without delay, focusing your attention on them.

Everything you learn about the importance of time management, best tips, time management techniques, and tools for managing priorities cannot make a difference unless you intend to realize your focus, how to deal with time while improving your commitment. Sensitivity, discipline and patience.

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