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The Secret to Effective Note-Taking: The Cornell Method

If you ask what is the most important note-keeping method a university student should know, I would definitely say the Cornell Method as a university lecturer. There are many ways to improve academic achievement, yes, but getting good grades is one of the most important factors that reduces the time a student has to study and enables him to study effectively. So I highly recommend you give the Cornell Method a chance.

But what is this Cornell Method?

The Cornell Method is a note-keeping method developed at Cornell University in the United States in the 1940s. In many places it is also referred to as Cornell Note-Taking Technique. It is often used to take notes in university courses and / or to take notes from course readings.

Why the Cornell Method?

First of all, the Cornell Method has been developed especially for university students and academic studies. It ensures that the grader is in an active learning process, serves for regular grades, saves time during the exam and improves academic skills. Moreover, it allows you to quickly test yourself while working for visas and finals. Especially if you are daydreaming while studying or studying like me and you start to draw flowers and insects on your note paper, you should try this method because it really works.

So how do I apply the Cornell Method?

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For the Cornell Method, you first need a note paper that complies with this method. You can also take a separate notebook for your notes or use A4 paper. After deciding which one is more suitable for you, we divide the paper with a horizontal line, leaving about 4-5 centimeters from the bottom. Then we add a vertical line, leaving 6-7 centimeters left on the sheet. You can also download and print the Cornell Method Template I have prepared and start taking notes. It’s up to you.

Our paper is ready, then immediately write the course name, date and topic in the space at the top of the paper. If you want, you can edit the notes of that day by giving sequence numbers to the space at the top of the paper. These details are very important because we don’t want a lot of papers that we don’t know where they belong afterwards.

In this method, we begin to take notes by writing to the notes section on the right, which is the largest part of the paper. Here you can take note of what your professor tells us, the graphics he has drawn on the blackboard, the problem solutions, the information on the slides. The most important thing in taking notes is that you are an active listener and follow the signals given by the teacher. Take note, for example, if your teacher says, üç The three most important names contributing to this theory alın,. Don’t try to write everything, but the highlighted, repeated or highly sampled places are the most important points of the lesson, note them on your paper. Write down any questions you may have when you take notes. If you are moving from one topic to another, leave some space or organize your notes with the arrows. When taking notes, do not take notes as a whole sentence if possible, but use abbreviations, symbols, items instead. Remember, you can never write down the right things if you try to write down everything that comes out of your teacher’s mouth.

You’ve received your notes properly, now it’s time to generate keywords. Go over your notes as soon as possible after class and write the main ideas, key concepts, keywords in the left column. Remember, keywords should make sense to you. With this method, the more notes you get, the easier you will be able to generate keywords.

The abstract should be written in your own sentences. After reviewing all your grades, how would you summarize this lesson to a friend, think about it first. Summarize the whole lesson in a few sentences.

How should I work with the Cornell Method for visas and finals?

Firstly, reviewing your grades for 5-10 minutes before going to the next class will prevent you from getting stuck in the exam week and increase your participation in the class. You can also work by marking your notes with a marker when reading. You can also close your notes on the right side of the paper and test yourself on keywords. You can run a friend through your grades, thanks to your regular grades, you can prepare for your exams by repeating frequently without stress.

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