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The best 7 Time Management Mobile App

Many people use some practices to streamline their lives and use their time effectively and efficiently. Today, there are so many applications about time management; you may find it difficult to choose which one you want to use. Here are the 10 most efficient applications you can use for this compiled for you.

1-) Time Doctor:

Time Doctor is one of the best time tracking apps you can download to use your time efficiently. Time Doctor is known by many people as a job tracking program that can be used for project and team management as well as time tracking. The program, which has a very high number of downloads all over the world, is just beginning to spread in many countries.

Time Doctor can run on almost all platforms. In addition to being compatible with many programs, Time Doctor is seen as one of the most distinctive features of the others. It is compatible with Time Doctor 32 and some of the most important applications it is compatible with are:

• Google Apps

• Asana

• Slack

• Trello

• Todolist

So why Time Doctor?

• Time Doctor is currently one of the most efficient time management applications and can integrate with many programs and work seamlessly.

• Time Doctor can be customized for both individual and tool usage, as it is customizable.

• Time Doctor has a very fast and involved support team and provides a high level of service quality in dealing with and solving problems.

Download Links of Time Doctor

You can find Time Doctor’s download links below depending on the operating system you want to use:

• Windows, Mac OS X, Linux:
• iOS:
• Android:

2. Clear

Clear is one of the best and fastest to-do list applications on the market, designed very well to make it easier for us to handle some of the necessary tasks.

Your day may be hectic and tiring, but Clear helps you see your goals and requirements as a simple process that you can gradually do. You can quickly review what you need to do in the next step by categorizing what you need to do daily into separate categories using custom lists.

One of Clear’s most important features is its fully customizable and easy-to-use design.

Why Clear?

• Clear organizes your life into categories, allowing you to achieve your goals gradually.

• Clear can connect with your iCloud account and eliminates the need to continually update your to-do list on all your devices when you complete a task.

• Clear sends instant notifications and reminders. It allows us to recognize the necessary requirements.

Clear Download Links

Clear is only available on iOS devices. Clear’s download link is available below:

• iOS:

3. Workflow

Workflow is an application that allows us to save time from our daily work. With Workflow, you can make a shortcut to your home screen that gathers all your tasks on one home page on your phone. You can ask Google maps to prepare your directions according to your daily needs, and you can back up your photos to Dropbox.

Workflow has more than 200 compatibility with applications like Facebook, Uber and YouTube.

Why Workflow?

• Workflow simplifies the demanding and complex tasks you do on your phone, reducing unnecessary time spent.

• Workflow has a quick and simple use; allows you to create new applications and shortcuts with easy drag and drop commands.

• Workflow is very diverse and can work with other similar applications such as Safari and Evernote.

Workflow Download links

Workflow is only available through the iOS operating system. You can find Workflow’s download link below.


4. Clara

Clara is an e-mail application that works with an artificial intelligence. With this application you can organize your meetings.

It is very difficult for people who have to work hard to find free time in their daily programs. What’s more, there are great difficulties and time losses when it comes to arranging a business meeting and going beyond adapting to someone else’s schedule.

Clara is a popular application that automatically receives and helps you organize e-mails during the day.

Why use Clara?

• Clara is a secure application designed to help you spend less time cleaning your inbox and emailing.

• Clara lets you concentrate on other tasks rather than fear about daily schedules.

Download Links of Clara

For Clara app, you first need to go to the site and select a plan. You can find the link to the Clara website below:


5. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a popular application that helps you work in harmony with your family and close friends, and controls what to do.

You now have a nice assistant in controlling your work, organizing your tasks. Wunderlist allows you to track your own goals with a click. You can also assign tasks to your team, add comments, and set delivery dates and reminders.

Why use Wunderlist?

• Wunderlist gives you the opportunity to manage and assign tasks to your entire team in one place.

• Wunderlist is available on almost any platform, meaning it can be used on all devices of you and your team.

• Wunderlist lets you remember nothing with features like customizable dates and reminders.

Download Links of Wunderlist

Wunderlist is available on almost every platform. Some of Wunderlist’s download links are as follows:

• Android:
• iOS:
• Chrome:

6- RescueTime

RescueTime is an application that helps you to spend time effectively, efficiently, and how you spend your time.

Looking for a better order, balance? RescueTime analyzes everything you do during the day; it measures the time you spend from your favorite website to the apps you use. RescueTime is a great way to discover which behaviors prevent you from living more efficiently if you want to focus more on your business to eliminate distractions.

RescueTime can block websites that cause you to spend unnecessary time wasting you, helping you to achieve your goals.

So why RescueTime?

• RescueTime alerts you when you’ve spent a lot of time on a job and notifies you of losing time.

• RescueTime shows you daily reports and lets you see better about your day.

• RescueTime finds new ways to spend time effectively and accurately, and helps you get your tasks done quickly.

RescueTime Download Links

RescueTime is compatible with most operating systems. You can find RescueTime’s download links below:

• Android:
• OS X:
• Linux:

7. Timely

Timely is a time tracking application that calculates the completion time of your projects for you and moreover helps you better organize your daily business plan.

Timely organizes your work week in advance and lets you see how much time you have to spend on your daily tasks. As you track your time, you can determine how long your estimates actually last and whether you can better plan your daily and weekly schedules.

With this application, this approach to time tracking allows you to manage your time beautifully and deliver the projects on time.

Why Timely?

• Timely tracks your team and gives you a more accurate estimate of how much time is spent on projects.

• Timely holds you accountable for the time you spend on the job and helps you to spend the most efficient time.

• Timely helps you understand how your working week really goes, and helps you make your next plan more accurate.

Timely Download Links

Timely is available for iOS and as a browser app. You can find Timely’s download links below:

• iOS:
• Tarayıcı uygulaması:

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