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We don’t know when our life, our short time will be over. We, unfortunately, busy home chores, we do gossip by phone hours, watching the series of time passes by.

We have compiled many clues for you, such as those who are bored of this life and those who want a new orderly and programmed life;

1.First, take a sheet of paper and a pen and start thinking calmly. Try to understand where we spend our time during the week, then during the day. What have I done for a whole week? Thinking of the days one by one, what day did I do? Was that what I wanted to do for weeks or days when I was doing them? What was important that I wanted to do during the past week and couldn’t do what? Let’s start preparing a list with questions like. What I want to do on one side of the paper, but what I can’t do, what I do on the second side, and when I’m doing it, we need to write it down is unnecessary and wasted time. When you realize what time is going with your eyes, your ambition to manage time will increase noticeably.

2. Even if you are a working housewife, it doesn’t matter. Make a regular to-do list for each day. But let your list be at a reasonable level. Be careful not to write more than you can, because rather than write and fall behind the list, start the new day with a reasonable list that isn’t too ideal, but you can accomplish it and check carefully how much you’ve accomplished each evening. Sit down and think about what you can’t do. Why couldn’t I? Reasons for me? Are those details that I couldn’t account for? If the details come into play every evening that you cannot anticipate, it means that you are spending too much time on things that you do not plan. Sudden offers, such as other people’s small requests, etc.. In this case, you should start saying “no” to someone. For example, you took action to clean the house, called a friend and called you for coffee. “Not today, I started work, I’il come back tomorrow.” and you can plan your day by adding coffee with friends to your list tomorrow.

3. At the end of each day, be sure to make a new planning for the next day. Create a new plausible list by adding your work that you couldn’t do today.

4. The most common mistake is the fact that some of the things you think are important are not important enough and urgent! It is a great benefit to distinguish these two well. Let’s say you need to clean the fridge. You’re wasting time with him, but you also need to go to the market and buy some things because there’s nothing to throw in the house! There’s one in the fridge, lady. Cleaning work that takes at least 3 hours! Then it coincides with the child’s sleep time, then evening, shopping can not be done! But the more important, the more urgent, should be activated. This is the most important tip of time management.

5. If your list is too long for that day, you can start according to your motivation and importance. Sometimes there are things that seem insignificant that take less time and more. It may be a good way to compress and deactivate them.

6. It is a fact that dear ladies! You spend more time in front of the TV. You must be extremely determined. You may choose only a favorite program for each day and watch it regularly, but you can be sure that you will not be able to do it if you try to watch it all regularly! You must be determined. At least while watching TV you can do some work at the same time, for example, you can do your iron, you can create the infrastructure of your food. You can watch the program you want and finish the work at home.

7. The working individuals do not have a TV but have Facebook and incoming emails. Before you do your important work, do not spend too much time with your e-mails. If you have to look at your emails as part of your job, try to eliminate the time you’re looking for unnecessary mails that will kill you.

8. Especially housewives, please be sure to go to bed early and get up early. Watching TV for hours at night, sitting in front of the internet in the morning. Then you can hardly educate your child, who is noon. Of course, a woman who wakes up at 12 noon doesn’t have to do the housework! Take your mothers as an example. They would wake up early, cook their meals while preparing breakfast, send their children to school, do their home work, go for a visit, entertain guests and complain that time is not enough. It wasn’t as advanced in technology as it is now. They only considered night as night, day as day.

9. Try to do the interrelated tasks that you will do during the day. So you’ll save a great deal of time.

10. You should value your time so that others value your time. This principle also applies to the housewives. If certain people go to and from your home or workplace and you cannot say anything but you are disturbed by disruptions in your own business, you should tell the situation in a sweet way. For example, because I work with an appointment system, even those who come to visit come by appointment. Because I’m telling them to. “I’m always at work because I work with the appointment system, but I’m in a session with my clients. If you call when you want to come, I’ll tell you my free time, otherwise I’m sorry if you come and I can’t see you.” I say. Thus, even in friendship or relationship, I set limits professionally and temporally.

Housewives can do the same. When you’re at home, the neighbors always come, “welcome dear … I have urgent work I have to do, I’m trying to grow, I’m not available, I’ll take care of my business, let’s drink together?” Try to say.

11. Some days people have high morale and energy. In such cases, make sure that you do things you don’t like the most and go to your hardship. This will give you great convenience.

12. When starting a new job, try to set yourself a certain time so that it doesn’t take up too much time. I’m gonna finish this thing in time, like, in two hours. And finish on time. I do this a lot in my daily life. I do more when I need to write, especially in the evening. I’m taking a quick look at the TV list. I choose a program I want to watch. I see the series or the program starts in an hour. “Just finish the summer, Moonlight, you have an hour.” I say to myself. And I’m watching that series as a reward for the article I’ve finished.

Even when I was writing this, I did the same thing. Soon my nephew will come, and Ecrin will play with him. I have to finish right now so that we can spend more time together.

13. See how much time you spend on your daily routine. Put yourself in short time limits to make it faster. So you can finish your work in a faster time.

14. Review your day as much as possible in the evening. “What I wanted to do, how much did I do?” Ask yourself questions. Make a note of where you have lagged behind your schedule and the reasons for staying behind. Be careful not to make mistakes in your new list for the next day.

15. We all know that phone calls take too much time. Try to keep your talk times as short as possible. If it goes like that, you’il have a tumor in your brain soon! If you still can’t shorten conversations, keep your phone on silent and as far away as possible while doing business. After you finish one job, you can check your phone before moving on to the next job. You can answer urgent calls, but be careful not to make excuses. Postpone the interviews, which will talk long and steal your time.

In fact, there is so much to write … I wrote the first thing that comes to my mind here. Our readers can exemplify other readers by sharing their methods with us in the comments section. Despite this much information, we still help individuals who cannot plan time. Because time planning, besides the general information written, has some special features. It will be more effective for you to talk and act together.

Another important issue that should not be forgotten is; if you want to discipline yourself in a job, you have to force yourself. So we won’t have time management without forcing ourselves.

I know from myself! Because of my job, like many people, I have to act with time management. I never regretted having never been able to raise my life. Because I trained every job.

I would like to say once more; Getting up early is an incredibly effective tip. After spending most of the day in bed, it’s not possible to fit every job in the rest of the short time.

In this article we have given you some tips and advice to manage the time correctly, I hope you can manage your time correctly in your life. Feel free to share your comments or requests about this article with us. We are very happy to see and respond to your comments. See you in our next article…

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