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8 Effective Time Management Strategies for University Students


Time management is one of the most important skills of adulthood, where we are overwhelmed with multiple responsibilities at the same time. When we say academic studies, work, family and private life, the rope runs away and we find ourselves in a state where we don’t know where to begin. That’s why I want to list 8 effective time managers that you can streamline your life in a practical way today.

• Prepare a to-do list:

It is already difficult to keep in mind and carry out multiple responsibilities together. Here we use an agenda, planner or notebook immediately if we don’t use it to avoid putting any more strain on our minds. If we are a technology lover, we will immediately download Google Keep to our phone. In this way, we take into consideration the things to be done and also make additions easily when necessary.

• Sort by priority:

We’ve prepared a to-do list. But is it enough? Of course no. We need to sort our to-do list by priorities. At this point, it is necessary to make a good decision on what is more important and cannot be postponed. I recommend that you prioritize courses for the semester and what will contribute to your academic and professional life in the future. And if you have a small motivation strategy, a job that you postpone from one day, take it to the top regardless of how important it is in the priorities ranking. So you don’t postpone a job too much.

• Plan your special time to study:

University means studying and doing homework. Make sure you schedule your weekly work schedule properly before things get out of hand. If you’re having trouble with this, you can first read the Ways to Restore the Order from the Top.

• Create routines and stick to them:

Although routines are boring, they are actually very useful when it comes to time management. My most important routine about time management is that I enter the house late every day almost at least 1 day of the week to fully charge myself, to close up the week if there are jobs I am clustering and plan next week. In addition, while doing my program I normally do things at the same time on the same day and I’m doing a routine routine. So that day and time are always on my mind in my program and I don’t promise anyone else at that time.

• Be flexible but realistic:

Life, of course, will be disruptions, and of course you will not comply with your plan. I think the two most important things about time management are being flexible and realistic. Make sure you plan a B when setting your goals and leave free days / time zones in case you fall behind your schedule on a weekly / monthly basis.

• Take time for planning and evaluation:

We cannot learn to manage our time efficiently overnight, but with practice we can be much better. What I can most sincerely recommend to improve this is to take time to plan how you use your time and evaluate how you use it. So you may be planning to study 3 hours a week, but you are the only one who can assess how much it works.

• Focus on your long-term goals:

In order to manage your time well, you also need to think about your long-term goals, because one of the most important things you need to manage your time well is motivation. In other words, if you don’t have enough motivation, do as much planning as you want, it’s no use, and you’re whining yourself again. You’ll find. So focus on the big picture, not the small picture. For example, if you don’t feel like studying, remind yourself of your dreams often after graduation, and think of the time you spend for studying as a small price you pay to get the life you deserve. Once you internalize the idea that you are already investing because you want a long term, you will see that life becomes easier.

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